About Wool

Advantages of Wool
     Wool is a Natural fiber, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. It absorbs and wicks away moisture. It does not support combustion, take the match away and the flame extinguishes. Microscopic scales causes the fibers to cling to each other. Can be recarded many times. Commonly passed onto succeeding generations. Historically used as a filling in heirloom quilts. Staple length is normally 21/2” or more, therefore quilting can be done further apart than cotton. Crimp is genetic providing elasticity. Provides greatest comfort at lowest cost over its lifetime.
Care of Wool
     It is a myth to say that wool cannot be washed. Sheep get wet often and nothing terrible happens to them. It is what we do to the wet wool that makes the difference between success and disaster. Wash only in cold water using a neutral ph soap such as Orvus or ph balanced shampoo. Soak in a large sink or bathtub filled with enough water to cover the quilt or comforter. Do not agitate. Agitation and rubbing together of wool fibers causes felting, an irreversible process. Gently squeeze the fabric with your hands. After washing, a number of rinsings may be necessary to remove all the soap. Spin cycle to extract the water. Line dry. Do not dry in an automatic dryer.


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