Company Info

    The Cedarburg Woolen Mill began processing wool in 1864. That thread continues today at our Mill on the corner of Washington and Columbia. See wool processed much as it was over 100 years ago Tours available.

    Our mill produces one-piece batts, crib to queen size without stretching.  This allows you to receive a batt of an even thickness throughout.  The lapping mechanism which allows us to make sizes also layers the fibers in a slight V shape which gives our batts more loft and buoyancy, thus more air pockets for insulation and comfort. This also allows our batts to be felted without having to relayer it at right angles.  Therefore we feel we offer you the finest product on the market today.

W62 N580 Washington Avenue
Cedarburg, Wisconsin 53012
Phone: (262)377-5000
Cell: (414)313-8765